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Domestic violence conference discusses trends in community

Domestic violence conference discusses trends in community

By Marco Villarreal. CREATED Oct 3, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Local domestic violence counselors and professionals met Wednesday to discuss ways to better serve the community. This comes after several local domestic violence cases are making headlines nationally.

Besides catching up on certain certification requirements professionals are discussing the latest domestic violence trends popping up in our area. Professionals who deal with victims of domestic violence are meeting to discuss the even tougher issues on an already difficult subject; Taboo Topics in Domestic Violence.

"It's very important. One of the things that is happening is the education is happening so the information is there," says Beverly Golston with the Las Vegas Municipal Court.

Recent news of domestic violence victims like Maria del Carmen Gomez passing away has brought domestic violence to the attention of the community. Although she died of cancer she received physical and emotional wounds when her partner hacked at her hands with a machete. These folks hope to never see that sort of violence again.

"We address the stress. We address coping. We address economic situations. We address an out plan. How do you, a safety plan, how do you avoid situations," says Golston.

They're also discussing the trends they're seeing in the community.

"We're seeing more and more of the female aggressor. If you're seeing more and more of the female aggressor, where does that leave the male? What sources are out there for the male. How are we seeing the male? How are we looking at them and addressing their needs as the partner who is being abused," says Golston.

Taboo topics like dealing with sexual orientation, race, and culture that will help these folks help victims in the future.

This only day one in this two day conference that helps peace officers, doctors, counselors, attorney and judges better educate themselves on domestic violence.