Residents clean up after fire damages six homes

Residents clean up after fire damages six homes

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Sep 24, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A neighborhood is starting the long process of cleaning up after a devastating fire damaged six homes in the northeast Valley. 

Diego Trinidad and his family had to sit back and watch as their home and five others' went up in flames on Sunday evening. They're back a day later to survey the damage. 

"It makes you feel useless, like what can I do?" Trinidad said. "Nothing. That's all there is. If it burns, all you can do is just pray that we'll be okay and that everything is going to be fine."

The fire happened in the 1200 block of Virgil Street, near Washingon and Pecos, early Sunday evening.

Trinidad's family spent Monday assessing how bad the damage is. His next-door neighbor lost a car, motorcycle and almost everything in the backyard of his home.

"It was kind of like reliving your nightmares...scary," Stephen Fitzgerald said. 

Fitzgerald has lived in that home his entire life, and spent Monday working to fix up the extensive damage.

"My insurance is getting me a place to stay or I can stay with my sister for a while," Fitzgerald said. "I'm just going to rebuild it...and do what's required to fix my home." 

Residents impacted by the fire stayed at hotels or with family members overnight and were given vouchers from the Red Cross. About 12 people receiver help with food and clothing.

Trinidad says they'll be okay, and their lives are all that really matter anyways.

Material stuff is the last thing you have to worry about when someone's life is in danger," he said.

Four people suffered minor injuries in the blaze, including one who was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Firefighters estimated the damage at about $500,000.


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