Bus stop crash survivor lucky to be alive

Bus stop crash survivor lucky to be alive

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Sep 17, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Police say 23-year-old Gary Hosey, Jr. was driving drunk when he plowed his car into a bus stop on Spring Mountain near Decatur last Thursday morning. Four people died in that crash and several others were injured.

Vakiaya "Kiaya" Corner, 29, was one of the injured. On Monday, she was released from Sunrise Hospital.

"I just thank God that she's alive," says Kiaya's mom, Sheila Williams.

Sheila was frantic when she heard about the accident. She dropped Kiaya off at the bus stop earlier that morning. When she couldn't get a hold of her daughter, she rushed back to the scene.

"It was gruesome," Sheila says. "The car was unrecognizable and the bus stop was completely wiped out. I was hysterical. No one could tell me anything."

After an agonizing wait, Sheila found out that Kiaya survived and was in intensive care at Sunrise Hospital. She suffered head trauma and lots of bumps and bruises.

"All Kiaya remembers is that she was listening to her iPod and she looked up to see if the bus was coming," Sheila describes. "And she saw a car, speeding and swerving towards her."

Since being released from the hospital, a new memory has surfaced. It was prompted by an interview with police.

"She asked the officer about one particular lady that was sitting next to her at the bus stop, who she had waited with before," Sheila says. "The officer said the lady had passed away. Kiaya started crying. She was upset. She said the lady was very nice."

Kiaya was sitting next to Margoth Gonzalez, 65.  Margoth didn't survive the crash, neither did Johnni Lee Garner, Hyon Cooley, or Gerber Ayala-Tomasino.

"I just feel so bad," Sheila says. "Our hearts go out to their families. I can't imagine what they're going through. I don't even know them, but we are all connected now. I hope the driver who did this, realizes what he did, and suffers the consequences."

Doctors say Kiaya is expected to make a full recovery. The emotional scars will likely take longer to heal.