Valley woman warns others of bogus lottery winning call

Valley woman warns others of bogus lottery winning call

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Sep 7, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's hard to win the lottery if you never play but scammers hope the promise of big bucks will help you forget that. One Valley woman got one of their phone calls.

"He said there will be a camera crew there. There will be photographers, they'll be bringing you champagne and roses," said Ruth Miller.

The prize patrol is headed to Ruth's house or at least that's what a caller wanted her to believe. The man claimed to be from the Canadian Lottery Association and said she just won a share of $1.5 million and he didn't call just once.

"Within an hour, low and behold he called me back," explained Ruth.

He then called again.

"Two o'clock he calls me," said Ruth.

But before the knock on the door with the big check could happen the man said Ruth needed to pay the taxes and legal fees associated with her winnings.

"I need you to go to your bank and get $832.42 in cash and I'll send a special courier to you to pick it up," said Ruth.

Knowing this wasn't legit Ruth told the man she couldn't go to the bank for a couple of hours and to call back. When he did she had a few choice words for him.

"I said to him does your mother know what you do to get money and he said excuse me," said Ruth.

She went onto say, "If you were one of my kids I would beat you to within an inch of your life," she said.

She called the FBI to report the scam and was advised to just hang up the phone next time he calls. But Ruth thinks some people might actually make that trip to the bank.

"It worries me especially here in Las Vegas it's like an open field for senior citizens," said Ruth.

The Federal Trade Commission's web site reminds people that legitimate sweepstakes don't require you to pay taxes to collect your prize. Furthermore, The FTC says if you purchase tickets for another country's lottery by phone or mail you're violating the law.