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Mother concerned about distance and safety of bus stop

Mother concerned about distance and safety of bus stop

By Marco Villarreal. CREATED Sep 6, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A woman already having issues with her son's school bus said his bus stop is too far away and very dangerous to get to.

She called Action News frustrated, asking why nothing has been done to fix the problem.

Most students would never think to get a ride to their ride to school, but one mother says her and other parents are having to coordinate a car pool that goes over a highway to get their kids to the bus stop. All she's asking for is that stop to be a little closer to them.

Sean Hunter just moved to Las Vegas from Louisiana and started school last week, but he's not having the best time getting to and from school so far this year. On the first day the bus dropped him off miles from his home causing him to walk for two hours and ultimately collapsing from heat exhaustion.

Now doing better, his mother says another obstacle is proving a challenge for the 16-year-old.

"He says, 'Whoa! Look at this freeway! Am I supposed to cross this?'
And I said, 'no honey. You're not going to cross this," says Eddie Hunter, Sean's mom.

The Hunter's live on the east side of Sunset and the 215 west. The bus stop is over the freeway at Tanaka Elementary.

"It was frightening for him to think that he would have to do that everyday. Not with the way they hit people around here. No way," says Hunter.

The distance from the Hunter's to here to Tanaka Elementary is 1.2 miles. Ms. Hunter says it's not just her son coming here, other students from further away that have to come here to catch their bus.

"It's not just for him, it's for all of us that live on this side," says Hunter.

Hunter says she has filed several complaints with CCSD's Transportation Department.

"The bus stop is not unsafe, but getting to the bus stop is unsafe," says Hunter. "I can't see why there can't be a stop here and a stop there."

Especially since we see a bus already drive half a block in front of the Hunter's home.

The school district sent us a statement after we asked about Ms. Hunters situation saying.

Statement attributed to CCSD Spokesperson Melinda Malone: 

"We take parent concerns about student safety seriously.
"The CCSD's Transportation Department looks into all complaints made by parents regarding bus stops.
"This specific complaint will be investigated to determine if a change to the route is needed."