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UPDATE: Bugs getting worse for Sloan Channel neighbors

UPDATE: Bugs getting worse for Sloan Channel neighbors

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Sep 5, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The recent wet weather in the Las Vegas valley is making a bad situation worse in the northeast part of the valley.

The residents who live in the area where the Sloan Channel is located say that they are being pounded by a variety of bugs.

One resident has painted a mural on her brick wall in hoping to deflect gnat-like insects called midges and Cindy Sherwood says that she had to by masks for her family to wear outside.

Norman Stephens says that his problem is spiders. They are multiplying in his cactus garden and now invading his house.

The court date for pending lawsuits between the city of North Las Vegas and Clark County has been delayed until January.

Neighbors of Sloan Channel says that the city and county's efforts to keep the channel clear of big-breeding algae just isn't working.

If the county wins the lawsuit, residents who live near the channel could get relief from flowing wastewater. However, North Las Vegas taxpayers will be stuck with a $300 million treatment plant that they can't use.

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