Tourists flock to Las Vegas as Labor Day Weekend begins

Tourists flock to Las Vegas as Labor Day Weekend begins

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Aug 31, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Tourists are pouring into Las Vegas as Labor Day Weekend begins. ranks Las Vegas as the number two travel destination for Labor Day Weekend, after New York City.

Traffic became heavy on Friday afternoon on Interstate 15, but gas prices had some people second-guessing weekend travel.

"I buy gas once a week," one tourist said. " I think I saw a 10-11 cent difference when I bought it yesterday to come out."

Gas prices dropped throughout the summer, but Hurricane Isaac played a part in raising prices this weekend.

Despite high gas prices, AAA predicts 33 million Americans will take a trip this weekend. That's the highest number since the recession.

Most people will drive, but some say flying is a better deal these days.

"We had been checking the airline rates online for some time, and we finally found a good deal with Southwest," Adalia Langdon said. "A lot less expensive than driving." 

Monique Gloster agrees driving is expensive, but says it was worth it for her and her husband to make the trip from Las Vegas to California for Labor Day Weekend.

"The gas prices had an effect, but we knew it was our anniversary," Gloster said. "We had to go on with our plans, and we're still worried about getting home, but we'll get there."