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Volunteers clean up flood damage at local church


Volunteers clean up flood damage at local church

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Aug 23, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Volunteers spent the day cleaning up Hope Church, which was hit hard by Wednesday's flooding in the area of Cactus and Maryland Parkway.

"Yesterday was a day we didn't see coming," Senior Pastor Vance Pitman said.

It was a storm people at Hope Church will not soon forget.

"I think it was just unreal, because living in Las Vegas my entire life, I have never seen that much water in one place at one time," Alicia Flanagan, a member of the church said.

Wednesday's storms soaked much of the Valley, destroying roads and property particularly in the southeast part of Las Vegas.

"It began to fill up in the flood channels that are here and then it spilled out of the flood channels and into the road, and it tore out half of the road in front of us here," Pastor Pitman said. 

Water even got inside the building, ruining drywall and forcing equipment to be placed on stage.

"We basically had a river running through our campus for a couple of hours," Pastor Pitman said.

The campus only opened in March, and already the damage seen in holes with exposed tubing, and eroded roads, is adding up.

But not long after the floods hit, church members and volunteers joined the clean up efforts.

"What began yesterday for us as a real tragedy, by the end of the day it had become an unbelievable blessing," Pastor Pitman said. "Hundreds of our people began to pour in here with shovels, and squeegees, and wheelbarrows. Everything to do whatever they could to start getting back to normal."

Leaders at the church say the work ahead of them is monumental, and invite anyone who would like to donate some service hours to contact them. The church's phone number is 702-896-5924.