Teachers reject latest Clark County School District contract offer

Teachers reject latest Clark County School District contract offer

By Rikki Cheese. CREATED Aug 21, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The budget war of words continues between the Clark County School District and the Clark County Education Association.

Monday night, the teacher's union rejected the latest contract proposal.

CCEA president Ruben Murillo said, "There were about $22 million dollars in cuts that were being offered by the district, and their proposal was soundly rejected last night by almost 15-hundred teachers."

CCSD spokeswoman Amanda Fulkerson countered, "The offer that went to the membership was actually the union's own offer."

From Murillo, "If those concessions were needed to put those teachers back into the classroom..those teachers are back in the classroom. Concessions aren't needed."

From Fulkerson, "If we have to give raises again we're going to be right back to where we started, in the hole for about $60 million dollars."

The school district laid off 419 teachers to fill that budget gap, but so many teachers are resigning or retiring the district hired the fired folks back, and plans to hire more.

That doesn't solve the ongoing problem. A lack of funding still leaves at least 500 positions open. That will result in larger class sizes.

School district officials declared an impasse during current negotiations and called for arbitration, but but both sides are still talking, and could continue to do so, well into the new school year.

Murillo said, "I know the superintendent has said, is that he wants to focus on this too, is increasing funding or finding that stable tax base that would properly fund education so that we don't have to go to war with each other."

Formal arbitration has yet to begin. Both sides have to agree on a arbitrator, and that person's schedule has to be set. That means the school district and the teachers' union could still be in contract limbo well into the school year.

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