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Nevada's jobless rate rises again in June

Nevada's jobless rate rises again in June

By Rikki Cheese. CREATED Aug 17, 2012

Las Vegas (KTNV) -- Mixed news on the state of jobs in Nevada was released by state officials on Friday.

Nevada is 20th in the nation when it comes to job growth, but the jobless rate rose in June.

Nevada's jobless rate inched up to 12 percent in June. It also climbed for the fourth month in a row in Clark County to 12.9 percent.

Part of the rise is blamed on school being out for the summer. Those workers count as unemployed. But some feel what's keeping the jobless rate up is a financial climate that's keeping business owners down.

Enzo Foods sells wholesale to high end restaurants. The leisure and hospitality industry added jobs in June. That economic uptick didn't trickle down to suppliers like Enzo Foods owners Ute Brunk-Mugno and her husband Vincenzo.

Ute says, "You try to hold on to the people you have because they depend on you. Very difficult to get money from banks, of course, they do not lend. It is a very difficult situation all in all."

State officials say 12 percent unemployment translates to 163 thousand people out of work. Most of those folks were in Las Vegas, where the jobless rate is higher at 12-point-nine percent.

Cara Roberts with the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce says many potential employers are hampered by cash-strapped municipalities that are raising business fees. Roberts says, "Those costs, those fees, they add up and they create such a burden that a business owner steps back and says, well, I'd like to hire somebody but I can't afford to, and I don't have the confidence right now to take that risk."

Fees don't scare the Mugnos. They just brought a new salesperson on staff.

Ute says, "We took the risk. We actually hired, so it frees our time up to go out and hopefully bring in more business for us."

Vincenzo says, "We still have a lot of confidence. Number one because we believe that Las Vegas is great city, and Las Vegas also have the best hotels. When we're talking about the MGM Corporation, The Wynn. What they did with this town. You're talking about economy?"

Rikki Cheese

Rikki Cheese

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Rikki Cheese is currently an anchor and reporter for Action News.