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Police confirm North Las Vegas child shot in head

Police confirm North Las Vegas child shot in head

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Aug 9, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Crime tape blocks the North Las Vegas home where police said a 10-year old boy suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

Evidence suggests that the child may have shot himself with a handgun. It was not clear whether it was intentional.

Neighbors said the boy lives at the home near Gowen and Simmons with his mother and two brothers. Flor Rosecrans said she drives the kids to church on Sundays.

"I never expected this happen, it was a surprise for me," Rosecrans said. "I'm nervous because I have an 8-year-old girl and she plays outside."

Playing outside is what neighbors said the boy does often. Some know him as friendly, but shy.

"He's just always real quiet and friendly walking his dog," neighbor Janice Shennansky said. "I think that's the same one, always walking his little dog."

Police say the child was left unsupervised with a 3-year-old when the incident happened.

Neighbors said this is a quiet area and this incident hits too close to home.

"We've never had any kind of violence or any kind of shooting ever since I've lived here so this is really shocking to me," neighbor Michael Flores said.

The child was stabilized at University Medical Center but remained in critical condition Thursday night. Police say the next 24 hours will be critical to his survival.

Police arrested the child's mother, Carmen Gustin, on unrelated misdemeanor warrants. She has not been charged in connection with the shooting.

Child Protective Services took custody of the 3-year-old and an older teenage brother who was not home when the shooting happened.