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Vandalized billboards shock Las Vegas drivers


Vandalized billboards shock Las Vegas drivers

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Aug 8, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Two billboards had some drivers losing sight of the road Wednesday morning.

A dark-suited mannequin was seen hanging by a noose from a billboard over Interstate 15 near Bonanza Road. Another was up at Highland Drive and Desert Inn Road.

One read: "Dying for Work" and the other said "Hope You're Happy Wall St."

Dispatchers were flooded with 911 calls as drivers spotting the signs thought a human body was hanging from the billboards.

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The dummies have since been pulled down.

Action News learned there was a third sign that was also vandalized. It was located at 95 and Sahara Avenue. It's unclear what that sign said. That billboard is owned by Clear Channel Outdoor.

Clear Channel Outdoor told Action News their sign was vandalized, but it was taken down before it was ever reported.

Jim Cullinan, Vice President of Communications at Clear Channel Outdoor, released this statement on the illegal Las Vegas billboard protest: 

"Clear Channel Outdoor understands today's challenging economy and the need for this country to create more jobs.  Our billboards in Las Vegas and around the country are the most affordable and effective means for small businesses to promote their brands, products and services which in turn creates jobs.  We condemn the destructive behavior against one of our billboards because it is illegal and punishes our advertisers.  The damage was fixed immediately, and we will work with law enforcement and the legal system to punish people who engage in this destructive behavior.  This is not an innocent protest, but it is illegal and dangerous behavior that Clear Channel Outdoor and the industry will not accept."

Many are asking who is responsible for the prank, what their motive was and how they got away with it.

Police are calling this vandalism and trespassing and say no one has come forward claiming responsibility.

The Nevada Highway Patrol contacted the owner of the sign, who promptly removed the prank.

Authorities are continuing to investigate who is responsible for the act.