Dirty Dining: Snack bar at J & J Swap Meet

Dirty Dining: Snack bar at J & J Swap Meet

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Aug 1, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Typically, our Dirty Dining reports take us to a restauran,t but this week we're visiting a swap meet. We've all heard the saying location, location, location. In this week's Dirty Dining it's about temperature, temperature, temperature.

The location is J & J Swap Meet on East Charleston where inspectors found problems with the temperature of just about everything. The violations are at the swap meet snack bar which was shut down with 58 demerits. It's really important that food is kept hot or cold enough to be safe. Otherwise, bacteria begins to grow and no one wants to eat that.

When you see the phrase "severe signs of temperature abuse" in a health report, you know something is awry. Inspectors observed that abuse with raw pork. They also found water not hot enough for proper handwashing and the handsink was doubling as a dumping ground for noodle broth.

As for dishwashing, kitchen utensils got a rinse, but no sanitizing. The floors were dirty with accumulated food debris and sauces and other stuff was unlabeled.

Back to the temperature theme of this report, inspectors found a whole host of potentially hazardous foods in the danger zone.

They included refried beans, curry, rice and hot pepper wrapped in eggs. Speaking of eggs, hard boiled eggs cooked the day before weren't cooled properly. Then there's the dark mold in the ice machine. It doesn't exactly make someone thirsty, does it? We can all agree it's good to recycle, but inspectors weren't happy to find single-use items being reused like a frapuccino bottle being reincarnated as a wasabi powder container.

We all hope the people in charge at the places we eat know what it takes to keep us safe. But that wasn't the case there. The person in charge when inspectors stopped by wasn't knowledgeable about food safety requirements when it came to temperatures, warewashing, sanitizing, handwashing and food storage.

The snack bar is at the back of the swamp meet but a security guard wouldn't let us anywhere near it. We were stopped at the gate and told no one wanted to talk about the health report. Snacks are for sale once again there though as the eatery has been reinspected and they've reopened with an A grade.