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Family of man found dead in desert gets closure

Family of man found dead in desert gets closure

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Jul 23, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Family and friends of Scott Harrison - a Las Vegas man murdered, and dumped in the desert - are able to get some sense of closure. The man wanted for Harrison's murder, was shot and killed Monday by police.

Andy Soto, 43, was shot by Henderson police officers around 9:15 a.m. It happened near the intersection of Boulder Highway and Warm Springs Road.

Soto reportedly sped off, when stopped by a patrol officer on Boulder Highway. He proceeded to crash into a median, and run from police. Investigators say Soto also tried to hijack an elderly woman's car. Luckily that woman was not injured, and was able to drive away. Police say they were forced to shoot Soto, when he failed to follow orders, and kept his hands in his pockets as though he had a gun. The two Henderson officers who fired their weapons, were placed on routine administrative leave during an investigation into the shooting.

Soto was under surveillance by investigators, who had a warrant for his arrest.  Police initially pulled him over, to take him into custody for Scott Harrison's murder.

Scott's family and friends say it's a sad end to an already tragic story. They're happy Scott's accused killer is gone from this world. But with Soto dead, they may never get the answer to the question that now haunts them: why was Scott murdered?

"I just want to hear what the reason was," says Scott's longtime friend, Nancy Truscott. "I still wonder how how and why someone could do something so cold-heartedly."

Truscott says in many ways, it's still a mystery. Scott's body was found by hikers on the Fourth of July. A cross now stands as a reminder, in a remote area on the way to Indian Springs, off U.S. 95.

"I can't see what Scott could have done to deserve that," she says. "Thrown out in the desert like a piece of garbage to deteriorate. That wasn't fair."

Investigators believe Scott was stabbed by Andy Soto, in Soto's Las Vegas home.

"When they told me police had gotten Soto, I was so happy," Truscott says. "I felt relieved. Although I feel bad that another person had to die in all this, I am happy that it's over, and that Scott's getting justice, and can rest in peace now."

While it brings some closure to Scott's family and friends, it's also a sad reminder of lives forever changed.

"There's so many victims involved in this besides Scott and Andy Soto," Truscott says. "All of their loved ones. There are just so many victims."

Scott's parents, who live in Pahrump, shared this statement: "My family and I are happy that we can now find peace and bring this to closure. However, we are saddened another family has to suffer because of this incident. We are so thankful for all the concern and support we've received during this difficult time."