Family speaks out about father stabbing wife and son

Family speaks out about father stabbing wife and son

By Marco Villarreal. CREATED Jul 21, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A teenage boy lies in the hospital. Police say he was stabbed while trying to protect his mother from domestic violence. Saturday was the mother's birthday, but instead of celebrating she lays in critical condition.

The family tell us the son is in serious condition, but at least talking. They say this was a culmination of anger, passion, and frustration at a time when this couple was in the process of a divorce.

"(He) punctured her at least nine times," said Zeida Robles, cousin to Maria Lopez.

Extended family of the 32-year-old mother was woken up with gruesome news.

"When Mario came in he started stabbing my cousin, and they start hearing her screaming and yelling. Then the nanny that was here she started calling 911," said Robles.

Police said Mario Lopez, the estranged husband forced his way into a home on the 2600 block of East Tonopah Street about 3:30 Saturday morning. After stabbing his wife he stabbed his 15-year-old son and finally turned the knife on himself.

"Domestic violence situations are always very volatile situations because they're so emotionally charged. So sometimes people will do extreme things as a result of that rage and that emotion they're feeling at that exact moment," said Officer Chrissie Coon with the North Las Vegas Police Department.

While all three victims were taken to UMC, the wife in critical condition, 6 other children from 14 down to 2-years-old waited for Child Protective Services.

"The cops were telling the Nanny to keep everyone inside the rooms so the other ones did not get to see much. Only when they walked out they saw all the blood in the living room, the bathroom, and all that," said Robles.

Only pictures remain, several years old, showing a love still untainted with anger or abuse. One even shows Mario with the son he would later end up allegedly stabbing. A son the family says always stood ready to protective his mother.

"He would tell the dad to go away so I think that's what got him pissed off," said Robles.

Mario was released from the hospital early Saturday and booked into the City of Las Vegas Detention Center. He's facing several charges, among them attempted murder.

The couple's other children are expected to stay with other family members.