Is it normal for employers to charge for background checks?

Is it normal for employers to charge for background checks?

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Jul 3, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - So many people are looking for work these days so when a potential employer asks you to get a background check who should foot the bill? A Valley mom is worried that a construction site is an accident waiting to happen. Those are two topics that are the focus of this You Ask. We Investigate. mailbag.

"Never, ever have I had to pay for a background check," said John Floyd.

John has spent the past three years looking for a job. So when he came across an ad on Craigslist for a manager trainee he emailed his resume to the company. A few days later, he went for an interview.

"It seemed like it would be something that would be great to get into," said John.

As John was filling out the application, the man at the office mentioned there would be a $60 fee for a background and credit check. John says he aced his interview and paid the fee but had doubts about it later that night.

"I'm pretty vulnerable and I'm willing to do just about anything to get a job," said John.

So he emailed Action News wanting to know if it's standard practice for a company to charge for a background or credit check. Action News contacted the Labor Commissioner for the state and learned there are no state laws that prohibit an employer from asking a potential employee to pay up front for a background or credit check.

We also learned anyone who applies to work for the state of Nevada is required to pay for their own background check. It's good information to keep in mind as you send out your resume.

Another viewer emailed Action News when she noticed a manhole without a cover.

"It's a huge public safety issue," explained Margarita Hernandez.

Margarita snapped a picture of an open manhole in an undeveloped area on Valley Drive near Alexander. She's worried because she says so many people including her family cut through the dirt lot to get to a nearby park. She wants to know who is responsible for putting a cover on it.

"It's got little grates to go down there the little ladder so it's completely accessible. I thought wow an open pick here it's very dangerous," said Margarita.

We wanted to know too so we reached out to the City of North Las Vegas. They sent a utility worker out after our call. Surprisingly, they found 14 manhole rings and covers missing in the area and Margarita thought it was just one.

"Very surprised I couldn't believe it," said Margarita

Thanks to Action News getting involved the City got in touch with the developer who put a mound of dirt on the uncovered holes as a temporary solution.

Margarita hopes these holes will eventually be covered but says in the meantime she's just glad she reached out to Action News.

"Thanks for everything, thank you for being so quick with this," said Margarita.

We want to thank Margarita for reaching out to us. We're glad we got results and together we're making Las Vegas a better place to  live. You help us cover the news so if there's something you would like us to look into, send an email to