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Word of warning to those who buy illegal fireworks

Word of warning to those who buy illegal fireworks

By Marco Villarreal. CREATED Jun 29, 2012

Pahrump, NV (KTNV) -- A lot of fireworks stands are popping up around the Valley ahead of July 4th, but a few places in Pahrump are also doing a brisk business. The only problem is they're selling fireworks that are illegal in Clark County and it could spell trouble for people who choose to ignore the law.

Here in Clark County, fireworks can only be sold one week prior to the Fourth of July. In Nye County though they're sold year round. That doesn't mean you can bring them back to Las Vegas, and if you do, there could be some serious consequences.

Even before they take to the air fireworks entice customers with with their colorful packaging and patriotic displays.

"People like the colors basically. Blowing stuff up like you said," says Anthony McKay, owner of the longest running fireworks store, Blackjack Fireworks.

Whether it's artillery shells, bottle rockets, sparklers, or roman candles, long aisles of pyrotechnics stand ready for customers to light their fuses. They come from all over the southwest and beyond.

"People that are even visiting... I had come from Germany. Not straight to here, but they were in town and wanted to stop in and see what it was all about," says McKay.

Loading the car up with fireworks is something that customers do so at their own risk. Pretty much anything that explodes or rockets is illegal in Clark.

All along Route 160 in Pahrump there are several stores that are willing to sell fireworks to anyone that is looking for them.

"We have a waiver that they have to sign and it's basically saying that they're taking the fireworks that they're buying out of Nye county and they have to have it out within 24 hours," says McKay.

That paper also tells customers to light fireworks in a legal and safe location.

"I don't really risk it. That and the fire hazards that they have with them too," says Patrick Campbell who is visiting from California.

Fire officials are especially concerned about how dry the area is this year.

"Anything that goes up in the air...(shakes head) You can't even have fireworks out in Riverside. That's why we come out here to have fun," says Campbell.

Speaking with law enforcement here in Clark County, agencies say if you are caught with illegal fireworks you could get cited and your stash confiscated.