Dirty Dining: The Artisan's Mood Restaurant

Dirty Dining: The Artisan's Mood Restaurant

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Jun 27, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- When the health inspector smells something burning in the kitchen, you know it's not going to be a good day. It certainly wasn't for The Artisan's Mood Restaurant.

When The Artisan reopened in 2010, the new owners were pleased as punch to show Action News around.

We toured the kitchen and found a place sparkling with promise. But that sparkle has dimmed a bit in the eyes of health inspectors, who recently shut the Artisan's restaurant down with 60 demerits. Anything over 40 is immediate closure. Here's why Mood Restaurant left inspectors with such a bad taste in their mouths.

Inspectors found grey-colored rotting meat complete with a very strong, foul odor and blood that was pooled and black. It was undated and unlabeled, taking the term mystery meat to a whole new level.

Inspectors also found rotting, foul-smelling sausage. They had to remind kitchen staff to check their inventory daily for expired or rotting products, something we all expect to be common practice.

In the produce and dairy department, inspectors found moldy cheese, moldy raspberries and even the ice machine was red tagged for black mold.

Moldy, rotting onions are enough to make you cry and they weren't even cut yet. Thankfully, they won't be because health inspectors made the restaurant throw them out, along with expired yogurt, half and half and sour cream that had expired the previous month.

Cabbage was also found pre-washed and ready to go complete with old, brown, dirty leaves.

The Artisan refused to let Action News in and they wouldn't answer any questions.

Maybe it's the severe lack of managerial control inspectors documented. Maybe things just got too hot in the kitchen. Melon, salad dressing and tomatoes were all at unsafe temperatures but they were cool compared to the crab cake mix and cold cuts. That's because the ambient temperature in the kitchen was between 100 - 106.5 degrees. That was thanks to broken air conditioning and refrigeration. Lucky for everyone, the repairman arrived during the inspection.

The equipment didn't fare much better than the food.

The inspector found the waffle iron, panini press and meat slicer were all dirty, stored with dried-on food debris and grease. Dirty knives were stored as clean and some cutting boards were stained, grooved and no longer cleanable.

Although no one from The Artisan would talk they did issue a written statement. It says: "At Mood Restaurant we understand the importance of maintaining a clean, high-quality operation. We addressed and corrected all infractions within hours and by the very next day we proudly received an A grade. We look forward to continuing to serve our guests and reflecting the highest standards of cleanliness and quality."

Mood was quickly reinspected and reopened with a two demerit A grade.