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Teacher speaks out about receiving pink slip

Teacher speaks out about receiving pink slip

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Jun 14, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Teachers in the Clark County School District affected by the layoffs are starting to receive their pink slips.

Susan Moran, who only started teaching last year at Ober Elementary School, knew she could be put on the chopping block since she was a short-time employee. She received a pink slip this week.

"It's just really sad," says Moran. "I am confident that by September I'll be able to get something, but to know that most likely it won't be at the same school... is... really sad."

A recent arbitrator's ruling has given teachers raises but it's also forced the school district to cut 400 positions.

Many of those receiving pink slips this week are just like Moran, only having worked at CCSD for a short time.

Both CCSD and the teachers union have said they hope the number of positions cut don't correlate to the number of affected teachers; they hope attrition can mitigate the damage.

Moran says the tenure system is somewhat disheartening.

"My job security has nothing to do with how well I do at my job," says Moran. "I feel like we're one of the only careers that does thtat to people. [It] says 'the longer you work here the better you are and if you just started you're out of luck'."

CCSD and union reps are still in talks and more positions may be cut.

Math, science, special education, and teachers at turnaround schools are exempt from layoffs.

Jessica Janner

Jessica Janner

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