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Clark County schools officially head into summer break

Clark County schools officially head into summer break

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Jun 7, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Summer break has now officially begun for students in Clark County. School was let out Thursday.

When Action News visited Chaparral High School for the last day of school, we noticed a common theme among students.

"My plan is to get a job," said Senior Brenda Gomez.

"I want to start working at Sonic on Flamingo and I want to work on volleyball," said Jaeda Allen, a Junior at Chaparral.

"Find a job and workout for football," said Sophomore Zach England.

Staying active and plans to get jobs.

"Community service and scholarships, basically I'm just gonna try and focus on school a lot, just so I can be ahead of the pack and everyone else in the country," said Junior Rita Mesa-Mola.

That dedication certainly shines through in Chaparral's graduation rates.

There were 261 graduates last year; more than 360 this year.

Chaparral is a turnaround school, which means, at the beginning of the year, they let go of the entire staff; roughly 200 employees. Then they rehired.

"From there we're under the microscope, we're basically expected to have great gains or there will be consequences, and we've seen some phenomenal gains. But like I said, the reason is because we brought in quality teachers, quality caring individuals that have made a significant difference in lives of children," explained Chaparral Principal David Wilson.

Looking ahead to next year, with layoffs looming and budget cuts, Chaparral expects higher class sizes and the loss of several programs.

"When you take away choices from students, you actually take away that one identifier that says this is what I was, this is who I was in high school, due to that specific program and it's sad that we actually have to cut programs," said Principal Wilson.

But for now, students and staff are ready to enjoy summer break.

To prepare for the last day of school, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had officers near or around every school in the county, as a precaution for any incidents.

Capt. John McGrath said, "Starting tomorrow [Friday] all the kids will be out of school. We just ask parents to try and keep them occupied, keep them busy. The more supervised time, the better. When they're unsupervised, they tend to get in trouble."