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Neighbors say Appaloosa Canyon HOA president is harassing them

Neighbors say Appaloosa Canyon HOA president is harassing them

By Darcy Spears. CREATED May 22, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Yelling, cursing and name calling. That's what Contact 13's Darcy Spears encountered while investigating our latest HOA Hall of Shame candidate. Neighbors say this tale of misguided revenge has brought down the morale and the value of their whole community.

"We don't want any of this drama," said Jennifer Grill.

In a quiet little neighborhood in Centennial Hills a storm is brewing.

"That son of a [expletive] ," exclaimed Patti Deschaine.

Neighbors say Patti is the eye of that storm.

"I'm Italian and if I open my mouth, somebody's gonna go to jail and it will probably be me," said Patti.

You'll learn more about Patti in a minute. But first, meet two of the most recent Appaloosa Canyon homeowners. The place they bought was a real fixer upper.

"Lights didn't work, air conditioning units had all been broken and clipped off. Wires in the attic were all broken off. There was nothing," said Steve Adams.

But it wasn't the inside that caused them the most trouble.

"We got our first letter from the HOA about two days after we purchased the house," said Steve.

What they didn't realize was who the notices were coming from and why.

"One of our neighbors came over and said you know why you're getting all these letters? It's because you bought the former house of the president and vice president of the HOA," sad Steve.

"What are we supposed to do now? There was nobody really to turn to," said Jen.

They turned to Contact 13.

"I've heard all kinds of stuff about your old house and I'd love to be able to ask you about it," said Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears.

"They're all lies, number one, and number two I know who it is and if this mess continues I'm gonna sue his little happy [expletive] ," said Patti.

Steve and Jennifer bought the home from the bank after Patti and Roger Deschaine, the president and the vice president of the homeowners association lost it to foreclosure.

"Our house was stolen from us," said Patti.

"Your house was stolen, what, by the bank?" asked Darcy.

"Yes," said Patti.

"And for some reason because we're the people that purchased the home, they just have it out for us," said Jen.

A letter from their home inspector says the home was damaged intentionally and needed much extensive work to make it habitable.

"There was over 58 holes in the walls," said Steve.

Every last electrical supply line in the attic had been cut. But it didn't stop there.

"The toilets, which would be in here, they were missing and the rings were actually broken where they took them out," said Steve.

Steve says even the knobs were missing off the cabinets and drawers, basically everything, including the kitchen sink.

"You know what? Everything that we took out of that house we put in! We paid! We left that house just the way we bought it! With nothing in it." explained Patti.

Believe it or not, they even took the front door. There used to be a custom door on the home but they gave it to a neighbor when they left and the door they left behind is where the trail of violations begins.

Steve says that first notice from the HOA was in regards to the front door and the front yard not being green. They replaced broken sprinklers to bring the lawn back.

"I put the same door on that I bought with the house," said Patti.

"Right, so why did they get violation notices for the door?" asked Darcy.

"They did not get a violation notice for the door. They painted the door white," said Patti.

Apparently, the HOA board didn't approve of the particular shade of white Steve and Jennifer chose to repaint the old, weathered door Patti and Roger left behind.

"The management company told us to paint the front door any color that was similar to one of our neighbors. So we went around, we got a copy of someone else's paint and we painted it that white color, off-white color," said Steve.

Steve and Jen got multiple letters about both the garage door and the front door, claiming they'd been painted without HOA approval.

"He got one letter," said Patti.

"Actually, I have five," said Darcy.

"No, he's a liar," said Patti.

"I have copies of them in the car," said Darcy.

"You know what? He's a [expletive] liar," said Patti.

They also got letters about their dog being off its leash and their patio cover, which the home inspector wrote "was only part of the house without issues."

"After I handed them all a copy of what the inspectors and appraisers saw, they actually threw the papers at me," said Steve.

Steve says the HOA took issue with the color of his patio cover, which is the same as dozens of others in the neighborhood. Neighbors we spoke to say inequal enforcement of HOA rules in commonplace.

"We have a thing that neighbors say, FOP, friends of Patti's, they don't get written up," said Frank.

"And I said, isn't that illegal? And they said, well, we're vice and president now so we can do whatever we want," said Luz Ceniza.

State law says HOA boards may not act for reasons of self - interest, gain, prejudice or revenge.

"I think that they are interested in playing God, that they've been in it for too long, that they have nothing else to do," said Pete.

"Everybody that you've talked to in that neighborhood are all liars," said Patti.

She also has some thoughts on Steve.

"He's a terrible man and I hope he rots in hell," said Patti.

She's going to have to deal with him even more closely now after seeing how his HOA was being run, Steve ran for the board himself and won.

Even the management company is now sending emails of apology to Steve and Jennifer because of how out of hand things have gotten.

Neighbors say a recall election may be the next step in trying to achieve piece in the neighborhood.

If you think your HOA belongs in Contact 13's hall of shame, send an email to be sure to include your phone number.


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