Modern Medical owner charged with malpractice

Modern Medical owner charged with malpractice

By Darcy Spears. CREATED May 17, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A Contact 13 investigation is getting results at the state level.

The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners has charged the owner of a local med spa with multiple counts of malpractice following a story Darcy Spears first broke in February.

"I went out of there crying many times because I was worried for the patients and their safety," Lisa Clarke told Darcy Spears in February.

"I think there are things that she's doing with patients that put them at risk," Beth Petschauer added.

Both women -- who used to work for Modern Medical and Weight Loss -- are talking about Angela Lorenzo.

She's the physician's assistant who owns and operates the med spa on Smoke Ranch Road. And she's the one the State Medical Board is accusing of malpractice and other violations of state law.

"It was all for the money.  It was so she could bill the insurance companies and collect the dollar," Lisa said.

This is the Medical Board's second formal complaint against Lorenzo. The first is still pending. In this new one, their charges and allegations include treating patients for problems they didn't have and giving them the wrong drugs.

Darcy: So no matter what you're feeling or what your issues are she's looking for the most expensive thing that she can treat you with?
Lisa Clarke: Absolutely.

In the case of four patients, Lorenzo is charged with substandard medical practice.

The complaint also says patients' medical records are "inaccurate, incomplete, incoherent, inconsistent and contradictory."

The medical records don't show that a physical exam was ever done, lack a proper assessment and treatment plan, fail to address the patients' chief complaints and don't show any basis for the diagnoses and prescriptions or treatments provided.

"If the women came in for hormone deficiencies or if they came in because their hot flashes were too extreme, they were diagnosed with exactly the same thing as the woman in front of them or the woman last week or next week," said Niki Adams, another former employee we talked to in February.

The board found Lorenzo continually failed to use reasonable care, skill or knowledge in treating patients.

They accuse her of prescribing, administering and dispensing dangerous drugs and controlled substances without indications that they're needed. And they say some patients' records appear to be identically copied from one visit to the next.

Beth Petschauer: I didn't just see it with one patient, I saw it with well over 150 patients.
Darcy: And we're talking diagnosing everybody with the same thing, needing the same tests, same medicines?
Beth: Right.

Which can be very dangerous, like in the case of a 48-year-old woman in the complaint whose testosterone levels skyrocketed to five times the norm due to Lorenzo's treatment.

Contact 13 reached both Angie Lorenzo and her attorney Jacob Hafter on the phone.

They believe the state's action is political because they say two of the four patients in the complaint are related to former employees, and they think there's a connection between a former employee and someone on the state board.

They also say the state board misread lab results in patients charts.

They don't believe the complaint is about ensuring quality health care and they plan to fight the charges. Hafter says Angela Lorenzo is a good provider who's being beaten up by people who hold a grudge against her.


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