Police identify 6 suspects arrested at secret pay-for-sex club

Police identify 6 suspects arrested at secret pay-for-sex club

By Molly Waldron. CREATED May 14, 2012

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A British tourist is fighting for his life after being beaten and stabbed outside of a fitness center, which police say was actually fronting as a pay-for-sex business.

Metro says visitors to Las Vegas are taken to secret sex clubs known as "clip joints" and are scammed out of thousands of dollars.

Five women and one man were arrested in the bust early Sunday morning near Spring Mountain and Polars: Brooke Dugan, Lyeishia Godfrey, Hope Tello, Nicole Cramer and James Watkins. Police say more arrests could be on the way. 

Action News was there as the suspects were arrested.

Police say the stabbing victim was taken by a cab to the business. Taxi cab drivers get a kick-back for bringing customers there. Once inside, customers are promised more attention if they give more money. When they run out of money, they're kicked out. 

Police aren't giving details on what exactly prompted the stabbing, but say dealings at these kinds of places can quickly turn violent.

People who work in the area say they've long had suspicions about what was going on there.

Both Metro and the Clark County District Attorney declined to comment today, since it remains an ongoing investigation.

The Nevada Taxicab Authority says it's a felony for cab drivers to knowingly take people to these hidden sex operations.