Red Rock Rescue group gets big donation towards helping families

Red Rock Rescue group gets big donation towards helping families

By Marco Villarreal. CREATED May 12, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Ron Kirk went missing in late January. His body was found in March. All thanks to hundreds of volunteers who never gave up on the search.

If there is any good that could come from a fatal accidental fall at Red Rock Canyon, it's that the search that helped find a body is now helping other families in similar situations gain closure.

"It's been extremely hard coming back here," says Ron's brother Darrell Kirk.

Ron Kirk's family is back in Las Vegas after making several trips here when he went missing in late January during a hiking trip through Calico Basin at Red Rock Canyon. His body was later found in early March. He died from a fall.

"I never wanted to come back here, because this was such an emotional thing for us. We've had some time to heal, and we're going to be back every year for the rest of our lives," says Darrell.

The group that helped find Ron's body took home four thousand dollars in search and rescue equipment donated by the Kirk family and supporting businesses around the country.

"Searching for Ron led to the concept of having a separate search and rescue team that could continue the search when the agencies have done all that they can do," says David Cummings of Red Rock Search and Rescue.

This is a huge for a start up team who is fresh and needs equipment.

"We're all non-profit. Everything we do we pay for out of our own pocket. So what happened today was just fabulous. We couldn't be more elated," says Cummings.

That group is now working to help find the body of Keith Goldberg who police say was dumped after his former girlfriend and estranged husband killed him.

"They had that Goldberg family contact us because we don't quit," says Cummings.

"These guys are just a whole bunch of people coming out and volunteering who are going to be there, most importantly, they're going to be here until that person is found," says Darrell.

The goal now is to find Goldberg before May 23, 2012 when his accused killers are scheduled to appear in court. The Kirk family also received an Honorary Alumnus Award from the history department at UNLV where Ron was a student.

The Red Rock Rescue Team hopes to continue to help local agencies and families for free. They are a trained rescue group of volunteers.