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Company makes packages for soldiers on "Take Your Child To Work Day"

Company makes packages for soldiers on "Take Your Child To Work Day"

By Tina Patel. CREATED May 10, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Courtney Murphy, president of Community Management Group, says "Take Your Child To Work" day is fun, but can be a bit chaotic.

"Last year, we had a bunch of kids in the office and it was crazy," she says.  "So we wanted to give them something to do this year."

So the staff at CMG decided the kids would learn something by making care packages for the troops serving in Afghanistan.

"We manage communities across the valley, and it's important to be a part of the community. That's what we're trying to teach our kids."

Everyone in the office donated canned goods and crackers. The kids added homemade thank you cards and packed the boxes themselves.

Eric Theros, whose stepbrother is serving overseas, says the packages will be a surprise to the soldiers.

"They act like a bunch of children when they get a bottle of shampoo or a thing of beef jerky. It just totally makes their day."

His younger brother is one of the kids who helped out with this special project.

"He had to decide on going on a field trip today or doing this for troops," Theros says.  "He said i'm doing this for troops.  That's awesome."