Commercial building near Cactus & Bermuda remains unfinished

Commercial building near Cactus & Bermuda remains unfinished

By Loni Blandford. CREATED May 9, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- As new homes go up, one Valley construction project remains stalled.

For the people who have to drive by it everyday, they say a commercial building near Cactus and Bermuda is awful to look at. So, who owns this eyesore next door and why has it sat like this for years?

"It doesn't help anybody in this neighborhood," said Paul Pietrewicz, a bar manager at Village Pub Bermuda.

Paul says the building spurs a lot of chatter among his customers at Village Pub.

"I've heard everything from extended stay hotel to retirement to apartments," said Paul.

The property is littered with broken windows and remains unfinished. Paul says he hasn't seen any workers out there for years but his staff has spotted people at night who probably shouldn't be there.

"My cooks will go out back for a smoke break and some days they observe windows that are open then they will notice that they are closed," said Paul.

Susan Peterson lives nearby and says on her drive home, she's seen some of those trespassers.

"You'll see a man and a woman and their children and you know their families and they're going in there for safe refuge," said Susan.

Susan noticed the no trespassing signs but couldn't find any clues as to who owns the land. There isn't even an address on the building. So she emailed Action News looking for answers.

We did some digging and according to the Assessor's web site Aspen Financial Services was the servicing agent for multiple investors on the property. Those investors have owned it since 2004 though it's not known when the building actually went up. Aspen Financial Services tells Action News the county contacted them in January ordering them to clean up and secure the grounds. In the meantime, Aspen Financial Services says the investors were trying to find a new buyer.

"They need mow it down if they don't have the funds to complete it or find somebody to buy it and finish it," said Susan.

We learned City Club Development LLC bought the property late last month. Aspen Financial Services says the buyer agreed to work with the county to get it up to code. But Paul says he's heard those rumors that work would begin before.

"We're going to be in there in December or January you're going to see a crew full of people just knocking this place out we're going to get it back up and rolling," said Paul.

Action News called and emailed City Club Development LLC hoping to learn what's next for this project. But they didn't call us back.

For a piece of land long plagued by problems, Susan and Paul hope they hear the sound of construction there soon.

"Let's get this thing going let's turn into a viable concept," said Paul.

The county's code enforcement unit wouldn't comment on this case since it's an open investigation.