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Red Bull says car wrap offer circulating is a scam

Red Bull says car wrap offer circulating is a scam

By Loni Blandford. CREATED May 8, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- These days people are willing to turn anything into a billboard to make some money. So when one Valley woman got an offer to wrap her car with a company logo, she said sign me up. But before you do the same you'll want to read this consumer alert.

"I was like oh that doesn't sound like a bad deal," said Kristine Reynolds.

Kristine works full time but was looking to make some extra cash. An email she got recently seemed like the perfect opportunity. The email came from someone claiming to be a hiring manager from Red Bull.

"We'd get paid like $500 a week by Red Bull to have our car wrapped," said Kristine.

So Kristine responded and before the decals went on the man said he would first send Kristine a check. The emails says she would take some money out as the upfront payment, then wire the rest to their new specialist.

"It was very vague oh once you receive a check send it here but we won't tell you until you receive the check," said Kristine,

Another thing that seemed weird to Kristine was that the emails that were coming were sent from a Gmail address, not a Red Bull address. Also, there weren't any company logos.

"The slang that they use and everything it's not really professional," said Kristine.

So before Kristine handed over any more of her personal information, she reached out to a friend who works for Red Bull and Contact 13.

We called Red Bull who says this is a scam. Red Bull says they are in no way affiliated with the car wrap offer. Kristine just hopes others follow her lead and do some more research.

"Ignore the email and just delete it and not even respond to it," said Kristine.

So here's the Contact 13 bottomline. Be wary of anyone asking you to wire money, especially if you don't know them. If you get an email offering you to work for a company, give the company a call. Don't always trust the phone number provided in the email.