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Tornado-like systems rip off roofs in Las Vegas

Tornado-like systems rip off roofs in Las Vegas

By Blake McCoy. CREATED May 7, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A series of tornado-like systems moved through Las Vegas Monday uprooting trees and tearing apart roofs.

"I'm like no girlfriend, that's not no tornado in Las Vegas. Come on!" said witness Kelly Martino.

"It was focused," says Ricardo Lopez. "It just came straight through here."

The National Weather Service says the tornado-like systems were caused by powerful updrafts.

One system moved through a strip mall at Eastern and Owens Avenues, uprooting trees and tearing part of the roof off a Family Dollar store.

"I was surprised, scared, so many things. I couldn't believe what was happening," says witness Louis Sandoval who works next door and went running for cover.

Down the street at Eastern and Flamingo Road, the front entrance of a vacant restaurant was badly damaged.

While no serious injuries were reported, witnesses are still trying to understand exactly what they saw.

"Where did it come from?" wondered one woman looking to the sky.

"This is crazy," says Martino. "Crazy weather in Las Vegas."