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Judge halts execution of dog that killed toddler

Judge halts execution of dog that killed toddler

By Rikki Cheese. CREATED May 7, 2012

UPDATE: According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a Clark County District Judge has issued a restraining order to temporarily stop the euthanization of Onion.

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Onion, the family dog that killed a 1-year-old boy at his birthday party several days ago, is scheduled to be put down on Tuesday.

Animal rights groups are anxiously trying to stop the dog's death.

"I just wanted so badly to save that dog. It breaks my heart that he has to die because of this," animal rights advocate Annoula Wylderich told Action News.

Wylderich is among the local rescue volunteers who appealed to the City of Henderson to spare Onion's life.

A national rescue group called the Lexus Project has offered to pay to ship him to a sanctuary in Colorado. A Henderson spokesman told Action News that is not an option because the dog is legally deemed vicious.

"It's unfortunate because it sends a message out to people that it might frighten them if they have large dogs in the house," Wylderich said.

She believes Onion didn't mean to kill. The 6-year-old dog was described as gentle and loving until he was tugged by a toddler.

Wylderich said this tragedy serves as a wake-up call to adults raising children and dogs together.

"I think many families are now aware when they have youngsters and pets, that although their child might consider the family pet as an inanimate object, much like a piece of furniture or a play toy, that animal, while it's not capable of willfully and intentionally being evil," Wylderich said. "It will respond in an instinctual, biological reaction to,.for self-preservation and self-protection and I think that is what occurred here."


Rikki Cheese

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