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UPDATE: Artist group gets help from official First Friday event

UPDATE: Artist group gets help from official First Friday event

By Jessica Janner. CREATED May 4, 2012


Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A group called Handmade In Vegas says they've been kicked off their lot after the City of Las Vegas refused to approve their security plans.

Tonight, May 4, 2012 some artists were able to sell their goods at a tent inside the offical First Friday event. Organizers with the offical event heard about their denied permit on Action News.

"It turned out First Friday the company saw what was happening and they offered us a small spot," says Cordero Gomez, an artist with Handmade in Vegas.

"Turns out though that, in protest, a lot of our group didn't [come] because this isn't our home... this isn't the lot," says Gomez.  

The artist group claims the city wants them to employ off-duty Metro officers instead of a private security company. Metro off-duty officers cost $66 an hour.

Organizers of the Handmade in Vegas group say their event had been approved the past 8 months, and that despite using the same security plan, this month they got denied.

Tonight the lot sat vacant, except for a few Metro patrol cars who parked in the empty space.

Jessica Janner

Jessica Janner

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