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Girl badly injured in crosswalk accident making strides

Girl badly injured in crosswalk accident making strides

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Apr 27, 2012

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's been six months since three little girls were hit by a car in the intersection of Bent Arrow Drive and Camino Eldorado.

That crosswalk accident in North Las Vegas is what started our "Be Smart. Be Safe" campaign.

Amelia "Mia" Decker, 5, died from her injuries. Rain Mowery, 6, made a full recovery. Rain's sister, Alyssa, almost didn't make it. But, as Action News found out, Alyssa is making huge strides.

After weeks in critical condition, and months in a rehabilitation center, Alyssa is now running and jumping on her own.

"It's amazing to see her run through the house," says her mom, Christin. "Especially because not long ago, she couldn't move at all."

But there are still hurdles. Alyssa has fluid in her brain. Her severe head injury has caused learning challenges, hyperactivity, and memory loss. She has returned to kindergarten, but gets specialized instruction.

"Alyssa's completely different," Christin says. "The old Alyssa is gone. It took me awhile to come to terms with that. She's going through what many would consider to be a toddler stage, all over again. She doesn't know what is dangerous or inappropriate. She requires around-the-clock supervision."

But seeing the six-year-old's huge improvements since the accident gives her mom hope for a full recovery.

"It's all up to her brain and the way she progresses," Christin says. "But, we're just so happy she's alive. Whatever it takes, it doesn't matter."

Improvements are also being made at the crosswalk where the girls were hit.

The city of North Las Vegas will be installing flashing lights at the intersection to better alert drivers.

While Christin says that's a step in the right direction, she believes even with flashing lights, crosswalk safety is the responsibility of drivers and pedestrians.