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It happened again, woman collapses at Heart Attack Grill

It happened again, woman collapses at Heart Attack Grill

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Apr 23, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It happened again. A woman is in the hospital after suffering an apparent heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill in downtown Las Vegas.

Owner Jon Bassa says it happened Saturday while the woman was eating a hamburger.

He say that she was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover.

The incident marks the second time this year that someone has left the Heart Attack Grill on a stretcher.

A man reportedly had a heart attack there in February.

The chain's slogan is "a burger to die for," employees refer to guests as "patients," and a sign reads "Caution: This establishment is bad for your health."

Burgers are labeled as "Bypass Burgers" and customers can choose from a "single bypass" to a "quadruple bypass."

According to the owner, the woman was eating a "double bypass" at the time of the incident.

Other items on the menu include butterfat milkshakes and "flatliner fries" that are cooked in lard.

The Quadruple Bypass Burger, which has been called one of the "world's worst junk foods," has 8,000 calories. It consists of four half-pound beef patties, eight slices of America cheese, a whole tomato and half an onion served in a lard-coated bun. A customer can also add 20 slices of "unadluterated" (not drained of grease) of bacon to the Quadruple.

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