DA: No charges in Henderson police beating

DA: No charges in Henderson police beating

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Apr 6, 2012

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- District Attorney Steve Wolfson announced Friday that no charges will be filed against the Henderson police officers involved in a 2010 beating caught on tape.

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Wolfson originally said that he would not be bringing charges. However, he and a team of ten prosecutors took another look at the case after new accusations about Sargeant Brett Seekatz came to his attention.

"Normally putting ten laywers in the room, you're not going to get the same opinion, but in this case, all ten laywers agreed that we could not prosecute this case," said Steve Wolfson in an interview with Action News.

Sargeant Seekatz was caught on camera kicking a man in the head five times. Adam Greene was mistakenly suspected of drunk driving. He was actually in diabetic shock.

The decision to not bring charges against Sargeant Brett Seekatz is posted on the district attorney's website in a five page statement. 

Wolfson admits that the dashcam video is "disturbing to watch" but explains that "none of the officers acted maliciously".

Wolfson points out that Henderson police allow and train in the use of kicking to restrain suspects.

"If I have to prove that this officer acted with malice, with an evil design, it would be difficult for me to prove that, if he was trained in such a way that permitted this kind of use of force," added Wolfson.

VIDEO: Henderson police beat man in diabetic shock 

"It is now public knowledge that Adam Green, the motorist depicted in the video, was not a criminal, but instead was suffering the effects of a diabetic reaction," a statement from the DA's office explained. "However, the officers involved did not have the benefit of knowing this."

"They believed they were dealing with the person who had broken the law and was endangering the lives of others," the statement continued. "More importantly, those officers also believed Mr. Green was forcibly resisting their efforts to take him into custody." 

The video released in February of 2012 shows Green being pulled from his car, forced to the ground and kicked by police. Police at the time said they believed Green was drunk and resistant, but later discovered Green was suffering from a diabetic episode.

The incident was caught on tape by a Nevada Highway Patrol car dash cam nearby.

Adam Green later spoke about the beating, describing how he went into insulin shock while driving to work in October of 2010.

Green and his wife received a settlement of nearly $300,000 from the city of Henderson and the state of Nevada. 

Sargeant Seekatz was disciplined but did not lose his job or rank.