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Accused drunk driver sobs as she faces teen who lost leg

Accused drunk driver sobs as she faces teen who lost leg

By Drew Karedes. CREATED Apr 2, 2012

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -  A former elementary school teacher sobbed as she faced the teen she's accused of mowing down on a drunken drive.

Noel Lardeo wiped the tears from eyes during a preliminary hearing on Monday morning.

She's accused of slamming into a bus stop, at Spring Mountain and El Camino, in early February. A 15-year-old Bonanza High School student suffered severe injuries in the crash.

Conan Obenchain testified that half of his left leg has since been amputated and his right knee was shattered.

Lardeo could be seen looking down as Obenchain spoke from his wheelchair.

"The only thing I remember about that day is waking up and sitting at the bus stop," testified Conan Obenchain.

Obeinchain said he was going to Walmart the morning he was struck.

Two witnesses both recalled what happened as they were driving home from their shift at Encore.

Darcy McCully Sexton was driving and passenger Angela Speraw was in the passenger seat.

Speraw testified that she saw Lardeo blow through a red light.

"We saw her speeding up a little bit, and I'm like let her speed, let that person go. So they speed up, and we saw her swerve to the right and hit the bus stop," said witness Angela Speraw.

Sexton recalled asking Lardeo to help her administer first aid to the boy.

"I was holding the victim's hand and rubbing his forehead and talking to him and keeping him conscious. They were holding his legs, and I was truncating them to stop the bleeding," explained witness Darcy McCully Sexton.

Sexton said Lardeo came over to help but claimed her passenger refused to come over. According to Sexton, Artemio Rios was drinking a beer after the accident.

Witnesses describe Lardeo smelling of alcohol.

An officer also testified that she failed three field sobriety tests.

The former Roger Bryan Elementary teacher reportedly claimed that she was acting as a designated driver for a friend.

According to documents, she told police that her tire must have blown out. Investigators say they have found no evidence of that.

Lardeo did not testify on Monday. Her preliminary hearing is set to resume on Wednesday morning.