Woman has warning for landlords after her car is stolen

Woman has warning for landlords after her car is stolen

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Mar 30, 2012

 Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A woman who let a criminal into her home without even knowing it now has a warning for all landlords.

Sally Carter has a rental property near Nellis and Charleston. On Sunday afternoon, a man stopped by after noticing the "For Rent" sign on her door and asked if he could look around.

"I thought we had a potential tenant because the economy has been a little tough," Carter said.

Sally let the man walk around as she and her son continued painting and cleaning. The man said he would be in touch as he was leaving. An hour later, Sally discovered her car had been stolen.

Sally's car keys were taken from inside a linen closet, and her purse was locked inside the car. She thinks it may not be the last time the man steals from a trusting landlord. 

"We sort of just feel like he may do that as an occupation you know, going from place to place," Sally said. "You just don't think about 'Oh, somebody is here to rip you off or scam or steal something in the property.'"

Metro Police say they don't know if this is a career criminal, or simply a crime of opportunity. They do say this is a good lesson for everyone.

Sally is now going through the tedious process of canceling all of her credit cards and hopes her car will be found.

She's still looking for a renter, but next time someone asks for a look, she'll be sure to show them around herself.