Las Vegas residents flock to state line for Mega Millions lottery tickets

Las Vegas residents flock to state line for Mega Millions lottery tickets

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Mar 28, 2012

Primm, NV (KTNV) -- Odds are you've thought about buying a ticket. The multi-state Mega Millions lottery has been growing since January.

So far, there have been 18 drawings without a winner. As a result, the jackpot now stands at $500 million -- the largest in history. Locals are flocking to the state line to buy tickets for Friday night's drawing.

Primm Valley Lotto, a tiny store along the Nevada-California border, is the top seller of lotto tickets in all of California.  Las Vegans are the big reason for that. We can't buy lotto tickets in Nevada, so we go to the next closest spot.

On Wednesday, the line of people wrapped around the building and snaked through the parking lot.

"The wait is at least three hours," says Neil Gaines.

Gaines, and hundreds of others, came with the same dream-- becoming the next millionaire.

"You get a shot," he says. "Only one ticket will get you $500 million. Now the odds are tough, but after all, we live in Vegas, so we're used to the odds, right?"

"We are committed," adds Mallory Maciuszek "We are buying tickets for 30 people. We are determined."

People in Nevada can gamble pretty much anywhere at any time, but the state is just one of a few that doesn't participate in Mega Millions. That's a reality many people want changed.

"I don't understand why that is," Gaines says. "I think the casinos would continue to make money. I think Las Vegas and the state of Nevada would prosper, because we need the money for our schools. Why not?"

"That's money we could use here in Las Vegas," adds Wayne Kwiatkowksi.

Until the lottery is legalized in Nevada, everyone seems to be making the most of their trek across state lines.

"It's actually a fun trip," says Ashley Fisher. "We've actually made some friends out here."

But with $500 million at stake, true friendship may be an exaggeration.

"We've all been talking and laughing while we wait, but if somebody else wins out here, I'm going to hunt that person down," Gaines jokes.

Big lotto jackpots prove to be a big profit boost for Primm. Both the restaurants and outlet mall have see an increase in business.