Family says their dog may have Canine Influenza

Family says their dog may have Canine Influenza

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Mar 14, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Kosmides family has three dogs. Two have recently been sick, including a chow chow mix the family adopted from the Animal Foundation in late February.

The family's other dog is still sick and remains in the hospital; it may have Canin influenza.

"That she's critically ill is devastating," says Kathryn Kosmides. "The thought of losing her is devastating, to my whole family."  

"The dog is showing signs that could be associated with Canine Influenza," says Dr. Travis McDermott who is treating the Kosmides family pet. "It could also be associated with kennel cough (which most people know about). The signs are a low grade fever, and a mild, wet cough that develops into a pneumonia. So, the symptoms can be very similar." 

McDermott says bloodwork on the dog has been sent to Cornell University and results should be back in a few days. Already, 38 states across the nation have seen cases of the dog flu. There have been no reported cases in the Las Vegas area.

"It's possible that it may come here. It's probably pretty likely given the way it spreads," suggests Dr. Jennifer Stone from the Animal Foundation. "We should all be on alert, especially people who have animals; animals that go to dog parks and boarding facilities. They should probably have their dogs vaccinated if they're going to be around other dogs."

The Animal Foundation used to give dogs the Canine Influenza. Vaccines were obtained with money from a grant, but supplies ran out in December 2011. The only vaccine required by law for shelters to give is the rabbies vaccine, says Dr. Stone.

The Canine Influenza vaccine costs about $30. Dogs will also need to get a booster shot after a few weeks.




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