Mother of Faith Love reacts to details of accident report

Mother of Faith Love reacts to details of accident report

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Mar 13, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - There are new details surrounding the accident that killed 12-year-old, Faith Love, on Halloween night. Metro released the official accident report Tuesday.

Love was struck by a car while trick-or-treating with family. She was crossing Sandstone Bluffs in Summerlin South, near Sahara and Town Center Drive.

The driver of the car, 41-year-old Justin Caramanica, was arrested at the scene.

The report includes a voluntary, hand-written statement that Caramanica completed the night of the crash. In it, Caramanica admits that he had been drinking, and had taken Oxycodone and Xanax. He claims he's on the prescription painkillers to help manage a back injury.

Action News was there as Love's family read the accident report for the first time.

"For the rest of his life, I hope he sees my daughter's face," says Love's mother, Rocquell. "I hope he hears the impact of the crash, when he ran her over. That is not a person that should have even considered getting behind the wheel, especially on a night dedicated to kids."

Police estimate that Caramanica was driving between 40 and 50 miles per hour. That's double the posted speed limit for the area. The investigation revealed that Love was thrown 115 feet.

Eyewitness cell phone video, recorded after the crash, shows Caramanica acting confused. He claimed he was being chased, which is something he reiterated in his statement to police.

One of the witnesses was another driver. That driver told police, he and others on the road, were trying to get Caramanica's attention long before the accident. They say he was driving dangerously.

"This report puts the pieces together, and confirms his erratic behavior," Rocquell says.

In his statement, Caramanica offers this apology: "The girl just came out of nowhere. I am so sorry. I was scared."

For Rocquell, it's no consolation. "I'm praying everyday, that one way or another, he will pay for what he did."

Caramanica is facing charges of felony reckless driving, and driving under the influence.

Love's family is also planning on filing a civil lawsuit against him very soon.