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Deed shows garage resident has been using for years isn't hers

Deed shows garage resident has been using for years isn't hers

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Mar 9, 2012

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- Imagine being told part of a condo you've owned for years really isn't yours. It's happening to one Valley homeowner and now she wonders if all her neighbors will soon be dealing with the same headache she is.

"I got this in the mail and I thought are you kidding me," said Marlene Goodson.

Marlene owns a condo near Wigwam and Eastern avenues that she uses a rental property. For the past seven years, her renters have parked in the first garage. But according to a letter Marlene got recently from her homeowner's association, that garage technically isn't hers.

"They're trying to tell me that I have G-3. Well, I'm not wired to G - 3," said Marlene.

Marlene's HOA is Scottsdale Valley. Here's where the confusion lies: According to that HOA, when they researched titles of the properties in Marlene's building, the deed shows she should be in the third garage.

But that garage is already being used by Marlene's neighbor. The lawyer representing the HOA says they stumbled upon this problem when a condo in this community was recently foreclosed on. She says the owners were locked out of the garage they thought they owned, but according to paperwork, they really didn't.  That's what prompted the HOA to start looking at other buildings.

"They're trying to tell the guy upstairs he has a garage way on the other side. Well that don't make sense," said Marlene.

Marlene says the HOA told her to call the title company, since that's where they feel the mistake was made. When Marlene couldn't get a straight answer from the title company about what she should do, she contacted Action News.

"We shouldn't have to pay anything, somebody else is responsible for this," said Marlene.

All of the units at Scottsdale have different title companies, so Action News called Marlene's, which is Ticor. A representative told us Marlene needs to file a claim so they can look into her case. We passed that information onto Marlene and she did just that.

She says her situation should be a good lesson for all homeowners.

"People beware and when you buy a condo make sure it is deeded to you that you're living in," said Marlene.

Because Ticor still has to look into Marlene's case, they couldn't comment specifically on her situation. They say it could be as simple as re-recording the documents to reflect the garage that Marlene has been using since she bought the place. Scottsdale Valley HOA says they're now going building by building looking at the deeds to see if other homeowners will also have to contact their title companies.