Company will pay your mortgage to paint your house with ads

Company will pay your mortgage to paint your house with ads

By Makayla Zurn. CREATED Feb 29, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - It's an interesting offer that has struggling homeowners around the country in a frenzy.

A marketing company wants to paint your house, as a billboard, then pay your mortgage in return.

Las Vegas homeowner, Wayne Young lost his job due to the economy two years ago and his bills continue to pile up. "I'm really really behind and I do run the risk of possibly losing my house," he said.

It's a story that is unfortunately very familiar to thousands of other homeowners in the valley. But Wayne has decided to take an out of the box approach to paying the bills.

California marketing company Brainiacs From Mars is willing to pay your mortgage for up to a year if you let them paint your entire house as a billboard. The only criteria is, you own your home and don't have an HOA.

"This is much more reasonable for us as a company to paint a house and pay the mortgage," said Romeo Mendoza, CEO of Brianiacs From Mars.

"It's a lot cheaper than buying billboard space or ad space online, and it just makes more sense."

More than 300 homeowners have already applied in the State of Nevada to have their homes painted a bright orange and green.

Wayne says he doesn't care what it's going to look like. "The great thing about it is at the end of the term, they paint the house back. So they pay your mortgage and then you get a free paint job at the end of this," he said.

Wayne's neighbors didn't seem to mind the idea, but others tell Brainiacs From Mars they're concerned the clashing paint job will drop property values.

"This is very temporary, it's anywhere from a month to a year," said Mendoza. "If anything it helps keep the home values up because if these guys were to experience foreclosure or a short sale that would dramatically impact the price of homes in that neighborhood."

The company plans to be paying around five mortgages in the Las Vegas Valley by the end of the summer.

Brainiacs will announce the homes they'll be painting by the end of next month. More than 38,000 homeowners from all over the world have applied for this opportunity. The company plans to have 100 homes painted by the end of the year.

To enter your house apply to this website.