Henderson cop accused in beating won't be charged

Henderson cop accused in beating won't be charged

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Feb 28, 2012

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- Steve Wolfson made his first tough call on a high-profile case as Clark County's new District Attorney, deciding not to press charges against a Henderson police officer seen on video repeatedly kicking a man during a traffic stop.

Wolfson said while the video tape shows "force used by police officers against somebody who was under arrest," he does not think it rises to the level of criminal behavior. 

The incident happened in 2010 when a man suspected of driving under the influence was pulled over. Authorities later found out the man was having a diabetic episode.

RAW VIDEO: Police beat man in diabetic shock 

The issue wasn't made public until the video tape was released a few weeks ago.

After the man's family reached about a $200,000 settlement with the city of Henderson and the state.

Henderson's police chief resigned shortly after.

Wolfson is now defending his decision, which is being criticized by many in the community, including the ACLU. Claussen says an ACLU call for a Department of Justice probe of the DA's office is a possibility.