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Wife of alleged fake doctor fears there are other sexual abuse victims

Wife of alleged fake doctor fears there are other sexual abuse victims

By Drew Karedes. CREATED Feb 23, 2012

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The wife of a man who reportedly pretended to be a doctor in order to sexually abuse patients is speaking out.

North Las Vegas police say Juan Alberto Ruan-Rivera would often sedate his patients before taking advantage of them.

According to police, the 44-year-old would have people come to his home, near Cheyenne Avenue and Clayton Street. He would allegedly target Hispanics with no health insurance. 

So far, three alleged victims have come forward. One of them is the wife of Ruan-Rivera.

Francisca Ruan says she was unaware that others were allegedly enduring abuse at the hands of her own husband.

She's having a difficult time coping with allegations that her husband victimized her grandson when he was 5-years-old.

"I don't know why. Why? I have a big question. I say, why he do bad things to my family," cried Francisca Ruan.

Francisca Ruan claims it was the physical abuse that sent her over the edge. She says the beatings became worse in recent months.

Earlier this month she ran to a neighbor's home and made the allegations.

"I go right to my neighbor's and I said, please help me, please help me," explained Francisca Ruan.

Her husband was originally arrested on domestic battery charges. Once he was behind bars, others began speaking out and more accusations began to surface.

Francisca Ruan says she met Juan Ruan-Rivera at a conference for Omnilife Natural Supplements. Police say Ruan-Rivera claimed to be a distributor for the company.

Francisca tells Action News he quickly gained her trust. She invited him to move into her home with her and her husband.

After her husband died, she married Ruan-Rivera. She says her spacious North Las Vegas home was soon transformed into a makeshift medical facility.

"[He would say] I hate you a lot. I say, yes, I know. That's why you bring those girls to my house," she recalled.

Francisca Ruan says she has filed for divorce and has obtained a restraining order.

Francisca's family says Ruan-Rivera's arrest has unlocked secrets that have been kept from them since 2006.

Even though they live across the street, Francisca's relatives say they were forbidden from entering the house literally covered in bars and chains.

"He'd say, please leave, this is a house for two person, not three," said Francisca's sister Guadalupe Hernandez. "When I called my sister, [I would say] please let me talk to my sister. He said, no, she's sick, she's under medication."

Police say Ruan-Rivera claims to be licensed to practice in Mexico but investigators have not found any proof of that.

He allegedly claimed to be a doctor, chiropractor or therapist when reaching out to patients.

Police are searching for other potential victims but there is concern they might be reluctant to step forward.

Investigators say additional victims could also be out of state. Ruan-Rivera reportedly spent time in several states since 2006, including California, Alaska and Texas.

Anyone who may have had contact with him is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 385-5555.