Residents demand crosswalk on section of Las Vegas Boulevard

Residents demand crosswalk on section of Las Vegas Boulevard

By Rikki Cheese. CREATED Feb 17, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Some Action News viewers who live in the Southeast part of the valley say they are in danger because they don't have a crosswalk.

They say trying to cross Las Vegas Boulevard for any reason is risky enough, especially without a marked crosswalk or traffic light. But the situation pedestrians face on Las Boulevard South at East Richmar Avenue may be a matter of the county not wanting them to cross there.

Just down the street from the Southpoint Hotel and Casino, crosswalks protect folks running and walking along the boulevard at Richmar, but there are none to help people like Charles Ciaramitaro cross the boulevard itself.

He says that's extremely dangerous, "Especially at night, when there's hardly any lights out".

He and other area residents like Raul Ulloa want a crosswalk and a traffic light so they can safely get to the gas station, restaurant and bus stop at the boulevard and Richmar.

Ulloa says, "If you want to go across the street, you're breaking the law"

On either side of Richmar the intersections at Silverado Ranch near the Southpoint, and a half mile away at Serene do have lights and crosswalks, but Charles Ciarmataro says he shouldn't have to walk that far. He asks, "Why do I have to walk all the way over there and cross to walk all the way up here? That's wrong."

Ciaramitaro wants local leaders to walk a mile in his shoes. He says, "The county commission should like, just get up and just watch and walk around and see for themselves what needs to be done"

Action News has brought these concerns to the county's attention. We're waiting to hear if pedestrians along this stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South will get the protection they want.





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