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Man speaks out about police beating caught on tape

Man speaks out about police beating caught on tape

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Feb 8, 2012

Henderson, NV (KTNV) --  The man who just received a settlement for being beaten by police is speaking publicly for the first time.

Adam Greene was in diabetic shock when Henderson police officers conducted a traffic stop back in 2010. Officers said they believed Green was drunk and proceeded to brutally kick him and curse at him as he lie on the pavement.

The entire ordeal was captured on a Nevada Highway Patrol car's dash cam.

RAW VIDEO: Police beat man in diabetic shock 

Greene, 38, and his wife will receive nearly $300,000 from the City of Henderson and the state of Nevada. Greene settled for $158,500 with the city and $35,000 with the state. His wife will receive $99,000 from the City of Henderson also.

"We think it's fair; we agreed to it and we're satisfied," said Greene about the settlement.

Green described how he went into insulin shock -- or diabetic hypoglycemia -- while driving to work on the morning of Oct. 29, 2010. His car stopped in the middle of an intersection. Officers thought he was drunk and proceeded to drag him out of his car and beat him.

"I ended up with two broken ribs, I had some cuts and a black eye on my face," recalls Greene. "I was confused, but I wasn't resisting and I would think this would be incorrect and inappropriate behavior whether I was drunk... or not drunk."

Greene says he only realized what was happening when he was already in handcuffs.

"To watch yourself go through that and have absolutly no memory of it happening is very strange; it was disturbing to watch," says Greene.

Despite the incident, Greene says he doesn't harbor any resentment towards police.

Jessica Janner

Jessica Janner

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