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Video: Henderson police beat man in diabetic shock

Video: Henderson police beat man in diabetic shock

By Blake McCoy. CREATED Feb 7, 2012

Update: The names of the officers involved in the incident were released on Wednesday morning. The Henderson officers are Douglas Lynaugh, Francis Shipp, Seth Vanbeveren and Brett Seekatz. The NHP officers are Anthony Bandiero and John Sydney Cass. 

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- Henderson city leaders Tuesday approved a $158,500 settlement for a man in diabetic shock who was beaten by police. 

The entire incident was caught by the dash cam of a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper involved in the chase.

According to the criminal complaint, police suspected the man of drunk driving and a chase ensued in the early morning hours of Oct. 29, 2010.

When the man is pulled from the car the dash cam video shows officers swarm and one Henderson officer assisting in the chase begins kicking. Delivering several strong blows to the man's head.

RAW VIDEO: Police beat man in diabetic shock

"Stop resisting mother f----r. Stop resisting mother f----r," the officer yells as the man appears helpless, lying on the ground.

"It's alarming and it's egregious," says the man's attorney, Todd Moody. "It will make you a little sick to your stomach watching it."

Making matters worse, the man was not drunk at all. Instead he was suffering a diabetic episode. Insulin shock can mimic the symptoms of intoxication.

"They should have been aware of that. They should have been trained on how to handle that and I think they made some assumptions that were wrong," says Moody.

Officers eventually realized their mistake and are heard on the tape calling for medical help.

"We found some insulin in his pocket," says one officer. "Tell them to expedite. He's semi-conscious."

"This was a traumatic event for him and I think anyone who sees the video would understand why," says Moody.

His client has asked not to be identified because his young children still do not know and he is trying to protect their innocence.

"This is a really good man, good family. He's never had any trouble with the law and has tremendous respect for police officers. In fact, his own dad was a highway patrolman."

The Henderson City Council approved a $158,500 settlement during their regular meeting Tuesday night. This is in addition to a $99,000 settlement for the man's wife and $35,000 from the State of Nevada for civil rights violations.

Henderson Police also released a statement following the settlement decision. It reads in part:

As a result of this incident and the internal investigation, Henderson Police Jutta Chambers ordered a closer look at the training Henderson officers receive. The training on use of force techniques was subsequently modified. These changes were implemented during 2011 and the Henderson Police Department has subsequently seen a 30 percent reduction in total use of force incidents from 567 in 2010 to 396 in 2011.

The mark of a good organization is the ability to take a look at any situation as an opportunity to improve. The Henderson Police Department is committed to ensuring the men and women of our department are held to the highest standard.

The full statement including the status of this particular officer is attached to this story.