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Metro officer arrested for prompting women to expose themselves

Metro officer arrested for prompting women to expose themselves

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Feb 1, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A Las Vegas patrol officer was arrested for allegedly prompting at least two women to expose their breasts to him during traffic stops.

According to police paperwork, 33-year-old John Norman faces charges for felony and gross misdemeanor oppression under the color of law, felony coercion, gross misdemeanor and open and gross lewdness.

One incident happened on December 28, 2011 when Norman allegedly told a woman to take her bra off and groped her in a church parking lot during a traffic stop. According to the woman who was pulled over, Norman told her he needed to search her bra because women hide things in there.

The woman told authorities she would not have consented to the search had it not been a police officer. She claimed she was scared of what would happen if she didn't comply with Norman's orders.

Another incident reportedly happened on June 23 when Norman allegedly pulled over a woman and her cousin driving on East Flamingo. He told them it was a "high crime" area and questioned them. One of the women had warrants for traffic offenses. Norman handcuffed her and searched her, again asking her to shake out her bra several times.

The allegations were communicated to Norman on January 22. He surrendered to investigators on Wednesday and was placed on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of further investigation into the allegations.

According to Metro, Norman has been with the department since 2008.