Scorpion infestation has residents wanting answers

Scorpion infestation has residents wanting answers

By Rikki Cheese. CREATED Jan 19, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A serious pest is proliferating in parts of the valley, and Action News viewers want to know why.

Diane Luliucci is one of the viewers who complained about the problem by email. Tiny scorpions keep moving into her home.

She told Action News that she is scared to death that she, her kids and her dogs could get stung.

After finding scorpions in her greyhound's water bowl, on her ceiling, in her living room and on her windowsill, Diane put down sticky sheets and caulked every outlet.

She wanted to know why her apartment managers couldn't stop the infestation.

"They don't answer me," Diane said. "I called yesterday and they still didn't answer."

Action News contacted the Fairways at Southern Highlands district manager. She did not want to go on camera, but said a pest control worker did spray Diane's apartment when she first complained, and they would have the apartment sprayed again on Friday.

That action may not be enough. To catch and kill scorpions, Preventive Pest Control owner Mike Holly says, you've literally got to stick it to them.

"Spiders and scorpions-- they walk on their tippy-toes," Holly said. He explained scorpions scoot over regular bug spray.

Holly said special sticky sheets can catch them,  but it takes special chemicals to kill them.

Holly says sticky sheets used to catch mice are cheaper and more effective than ones specifically sold for scorpions.

Rikki Cheese

Rikki Cheese

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Rikki Cheese is currently an anchor and reporter for Action News.