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Graffiti or art? Neighbors upset with wall mural

Graffiti or art? Neighbors upset with wall mural

By Katie Crowther. CREATED Jan 13, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Is it art or graffiti? That's the question surrounding a new wall mural in the east valley. Frustrated neighbors called Action News for help, saying it's vandalism. But the creator, says the mural has every right to be there.

The colorful paint job on the wall on EastFlamingo Road, near South Sandhill, has some residents seeing red.

"When you come out of our gated community, it's the first thing you see," says Nancy Shank. "To me, it's graffiti. It's completely out of place in this neighborhood. I was shocked."

"Not in my neighborhood," adds Tony Filardo. "We can't allow this to happen. Our property values have already dropped unbelievably because of the recession. Now, this is going to make it even worse."

They called police when the painting started Monday, but officers couldn't do anything about it. That's because the mural is being done by a new company called Artwork Bungalow, which got the property owner's approval.

"We just knocked on his door," says the owner of Artwork Bungalow, Steven Jacobs. "We had permission slips with us. I just asked him if we could do a mural on his wall, and he signed off on it."

Action News tried to get in touch with that property owner, but got no response.

Our news crew also checked with police and county leaders. They say since this is private property, there are no code violations. As long as the land owner gives the okay, the artists have free reign. County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani is in charge of that district and plans to look into the issue further.

Meanwhile, the painters show no sign of stopping, despite community outcry.

"It makes me sad that some people don't want to look at it," Jacobs says. "But, others have told us how much they like the mural. It's a form of art and expression. We're hoping to do more throughout the valley."

Outraged neighbors say that art, is an eyesore, and they plan to keep fighting.