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Pimpin' for Paul

Pimpin' for Paul

By Tina Patel. CREATED Jan 7, 2012

There's a saying that politics creates strange bedfellows.  That seems to be the case at the famed Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in northern Nevada.  The workers there are endorsing Ron Paul for president. 

Owner Dennis Hof says he's likes Paul's views on states' rights.  "Community government. That's why the Bunny Ranch exists. Who knows better than the community of how to govern their community?"

The women are also impressed Paul's a doctor.  Ara Rose says "he knows what a woman's wants and needs are.  When it comes to a man that's going to be in the office, you want a man that knows his way around a woman."

Workers say said they used to support Obama until he signed a bill allowing people to eat horse meat.  There are wild horses running free on the ranch, so they're passionate about animal rights. 

The brothel is also fund-raising for the Paul campaign by asking patrons for donations on their way out.

"The bunnies are always talking about politics," says Hof.  "They are into their country and they vote."

Jayla Conrad adds "it goes hand in hand. Politics always get involved anywhere, especially in the sex industry."

The Bunny Ranch endorsement may carry some weight.  They get more than 125 million hits on their web site every month.

"People will listen to us.  And if they listen to us, they'll look at Ron Paul and they are going to like him."