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Local mom gets appointed to new state board by Gov. Sandoval

Local mom gets appointed to new state board by Gov. Sandoval

By Makayla Zurn. CREATED Jan 6, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV)- A local homeschooling mom gets appointed to the State of Nevada's new Public Charter School Authority by Governor Sandoval.

Elissa Wahl is the President of Rise Resource Center, a local non profit that offers support to families who home school their kids. She says this method isn't for everyone and aims to increase all of the options parents have for their child's education while serving on the new Charter School Authority.

"I'd rather every parent knew there are private schools, charter schools, regular public schools, and there's homeschooling. Here's the gamut what would you like to do," she says.

In 2007, the state legislature loosened it's restrictions on homeschooling and just last year lifted it's moratorium on charter schools. This shows Nevada parents they have a choice in their child's education.

"We're so lucky here in the State of Nevada to have the options and the flexibility educate our children however we choose to," said local parent, Amy Olsen.

The newly created State Charter School Authority, which just last year, became independent from the State Board of Education.

"I'm very excited, personally, I'm all about education options. I want parents to be able to chose whatever works for them and not everyone setting works for every parent," said Wahl.

With the Charter School Authority becoming its own entity Nevada has already seen more charter schools popping up around the state.

Five new schools were given authorized to open just last Fall. Discovery Charter School, in Summerlin, already has a waiting list for Kindergarten next year.

Charter schools that are currently sponsored by the Clark County School District will remain under their jurisdiction. All others, sponsored by the state, will be turned over to the Public Charter School Authority.